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Magic of the Rainbow Man

Ballet in Two Acts
Synthesized Sound
Story by the Composer
46 minutes | 1985

Recorded on Zyode compact disc DS1006

"The Acrobat"
"Work Song"
"Thunder Dance"
"The Ritual"
"The Challenge"
"Cocoon of Love"
"Unexpected News"
"A Solemn Affair"
"Dance of Vengeance"
"Dance of Love"

A fantasy centered around a young wanderer who happens upon a beautiful maiden but whose fate ultimately is decided by a jealous witch-doctor, this work unfolds to an exhilarating but tragic conclusion. Sixteen short sections (some begun without pause) introduce the characters and settings of the story, building to an intense love scene and ultimate death of the protagonist. The intensity of the action is reinforced by the intensity of the sounds, some of which are quite demanding of a sound system. Extreme stereophonic antiphonal effects also are employed.