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Treasures of a Captured Sun

Piano or Harpsichord Solo
32 minutes | 1982
Score 33 pages

Recorded on Zyode compact disc DS1015

"Sparkles Bound"
"Beggar’s Reach"
"Flight Dream"

Independent but related, these four pieces are suitable for performance on either piano or harpsichord. Jazz influenced harmonies and rhythms are prevalent, but the score is precisely notated with no improvisatory elements. "Sparkles Bound" opens the work with bluesy harmonies and goes on to develop a light, syncopated texture. "Beggar’s Reach" alternates an easy-going rhythmic motive with hard-driving, pounding tone clusters. "Flight Dream" develops a melody in asymmetrical rhythm and rapid toccata-like style. In the center of this piece, there is a slow contrapuntal statement that pulls the listener into a lullaby in 7/8 meter. Eventually, this gives way to the toccata material and the resolution of the "dream" with a full rich chord. Without pause, "Messenger" begins. This is a theme and variations that builds in intensity through fragmented phrases before falling off to a quiet, intensely felt ending.