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Draw Down the Dark Moon

("Rites of Fertility")
Synthesized Sound
Artwork by the Composer
61 minutes | 1982

Recorded on Zyode compact disc DS1003

"Anxiety Phase"
"Dark Phase"
"The Virgin"
"Night Wind"
"Reality’s Timeclock"
"Taking Hold"
"Incubation Phase"
"Nobility Phase"

This music is symphonic in nature and epic in proportions, although the sounds were created entirely with synthesizers. The main title refers to cycles of fertility (both creative and procreative) and was suggested by the ancient Greek poet Pindar. Frequent mood shifts in the fifteen sections reflect these diverse cycles, the timely participation in which ultimately leads to an exhilarating celebration of life.

Three hundred twenty images were painted by the composer for this work. Bright colors and frequent geometric (especially circular, molecular, and cellular) patterns form abstract constructions on a perpetually dark background.