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A Model

Synthesized Sound
Artwork by the Composer
28 minutes | 1990, 1992

Recorded on Zyode compact disc DS0010

"Forbidden Pleasure"
"Nocturnal Animals of the City"
"Playful Dreams"
"Wild Creature’s Appetite"
"Releasing the Butterfly"

Inspired by the Anais Nin short story, the young protagonist leaves her elegant Victorian home to find that she is "not particularly useful to anyone" except artists, who live in a surreal world bathed in the sensuality that had been forbidden to her. Although boosting her self-esteem, these new experiences are slow to unlock her inhibitions; even when tempted, circumstances frequently protect her as she encounters more and more situations where she feels out of control - a danger no longer off-handedly rejected. Finding refuge with a former sailor who paints scenes from his travels, she is entertained with stories of South American native women who are indefatigable and demanding. Eventually though, she meets a handsome man at a gathering of friends and falls under his spell. He becomes her first real lover, and she forgets the others, who now "seemed like children".

The composer revisited this musical work in 1992, adding one hundred sixty artwork images and transforming it into a multimedia piece.