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Winter Strategy

Synthesized Sound
Artwork by the Composer
19 minutes | 1979

Recorded on Zyode compact disc DS1002

"Autumn: Putting Away Memories"
"Winter: Grandeur by Design"
"Spring: The Glorious Machine"
"Summer: Promises Kept"

This work is in four sections, each providing a rhythmic depiction of one of the seasons. The title refers to the restructuring of life which occurs between autumn’s withdrawal and spring’s manifestation. Overall, the mood is one of celebration.

African-type rhythms predominate, especially in the section associated with spring. These are comprised of many small and diverse elements, each contributing its part to the overall fabric.

Two hundred forty semi-abstract images were painted by the composer to accompany this work. These help relate the story and were painted on glass or acetate and then converted to photographic transparencies. The images change in rhythmic synchronization with the music.